Love as an Art

I like to share interesting narratives or poems because they hold the secret that they have the power to loosen the reader’s seriousness for, it is in that relaxation that one can understand some of the complex gems offered here in the entire writings. 

Love is a subject of universal curiosity, the only thing that is common amongst all beings. I have not seen a single person who does not understand the language and benefits of a healthy love

Leisure stimulates love,
Leisure watches the lovelorn, 

Leisure’s the cause and sustenance of this sweet Evil.
Eliminate leisure, and Cupid’s bow is broken, 

His torches lie lightless, scorned. 

As a plane-tree rejoices in wine, 

As a poplar in water, 

As a marsh-reed in swampy ground, 

So Venus loves.
Leisure. . . .

Why do you think Aegisthus became an adulterer? 

Easy: he was idle—and bored. 

Everyone else was away at Troy on a lengthy Campaign: 

All Greece had shipped its contingent across. 
Suppose he hankered for warfare?

Argos had no wars to offer. 

Suppose he fancied the courts? 

Argos lacked litigation. 

Love was better than doing nothing. 

That’s how Cupid slips in; that’s how he stays.


42 thoughts on “Love as an Art

  1. Their relationship is a target of speculation. The Obamas were clearly in love and united. Not so this First Couple, who are frequently seen exchanging scathing glances, and jerking their hands away from each other. She is indeed a model, but this does not help the national perspective of her or her husband. One protest sign held at an early rally read: Melania — blink if you need help…

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  2. OMG! You kill me with this! Lol!!

    So the million dollar question… Is it possible for a person to be so successful in everything except in the art of love?

    Is this aspect attributable to the lack of centeredness of a leader? Because one thing I know and keep talking about everyday is that: A TREE (or a tower) CAN ONLY SO FAR HIGH UP IN THE SKIES AND THE STARS AS IT HAS GONE UNDER THE SOIL.

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  3. This is true. Love is universal and most people have a deep love for others. I couldn’t help but read your conversation above and if it’s not too much, I would add that Trump has a deep love for himself, attention and money and therefore has no room for any other love.

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  4. Perfect! So you see how much men become deluded in their own wont of all the fine things in life and desire for worship from others while they miss out on the most important of life -enlightenment- that alone that brings unsurpassed bliss and true service to others? Selflessness is they key of true leadership, that which is free of all egoist endeavors.

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  5. Yes, I do. It’s the reason why Trump is such a terrible leader, That and his inability to hear and listen to the world around him as it cries for great leadership – he is too self absorbed.

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  6. Good. Too much eccentricity leads to dulled intuition where the ability to truly listen to the real needs of people becomes difficult. The world needs leaders who have a deep awareness of their inner selves.

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  7. Exactly! None of us are perfect but that doesn’t mean we cannot be empathetic to others. Something tells me that dear old Trump does not spend any time in self reflective modes.

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  8. This is a common dis-ease with all leaders in the world. That’s why they lack compassion and empathy in huge quantities. Its like building a tall building with a weak foundation. The more centred a leader can be the more chances he or she has to make the world a better place.

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  9. Some really interesting points here and I think you are right, one can become so powerful that they believe they have no need of others and some believe loving someone else leaves you vulnerable or softens your heart against your competition. Have a great weekend 🙂

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  10. Thank you so much Mr Charlie.

    Its true what you have propounded herewith, that both polarities are what ails most men/women thereby denying them a great experience that is Inner and Transcendental in nature. Loving someone else, if done with the inflexible power of mindfulness and proper concentration brings about vast inner bliss and the ability to fulfil the spiritual, love and divine needs of the other because all these phenomena have a certain connectedness and if missed leads to endless hankering of the mind, restlessness.

    Thanks. Have a great weekend as well.

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  11. Thanks a lot Maria. Love is best lived through a daily effort of pure wakefulness. This is because in sleep all a man/woman can do I grope in the dark with half-actions that do not transform the base feelings and wants into pure and unconditional love. There is a higher abode beyond all attachments and emotions where only love that has the power to purify our souls abides.

    Thanks for the comment, welcome again.

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  12. Thanks. Those blessings you have bestowed on me are enough to help me soldier on this new and blessed week. Have a blessed week too, replete with happiness and joy and centeredness. Namaste.


  13. I think a couple can be satisfied to be together for the mutual benefits of prosperity or professional goals. But the problem we have in the U.S. is that a Presidential candidate who runs on a forum based on family values and religious principles (as the Republican Party touts itself) but then uses words and actions to the contrary communicates duplicity and therefore dishonesty.

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  14. Here you are KC! I truly missed you. I knew you would comment the way you have so nicely done.

    As a sequel to this our conversation I published something yesterday called: “The doctrine of authenticity: Thomas Jefferson to John Adams”.

    Have you seen the most humble and down to earth letter I published from TJ?

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  15. I did… Sorry for the silence; my work schedule messes with my health so on work days I am usually recovering in bed after my shift… And I keep my computer a desktop to keep focused when I work. But that means I often cannot sit at the computer after a shift…

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  16. Oh, am so sorry my beloved Friend. The little time you get to interact here I think is just sufficient unto itself. Your life is perfect, since you have a very good rooting in your being, so am sure you remain well centered in the midst of all the work drama, huh?

    I also have seen how productive I can be when I do my stuff with a desktop as opposed to a laptop: more focus, deeper contemplation, less distraction etc.

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  17. Phillip, i begin to follow your blog. I´m a writter. Last month one of muy short tale, of fairy and goblins,, was include in a book. It´s magic the moment when the editorial bring to my hands the book.
    Well have a nice week, magic hugs.

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