The Zen of Transcending Duality

To live an awakened life, there should be no “ifs” or “buts”. Life should be lived here and now. Many people live a life replete with speculation rather than doing and being totally present in whatever they do or engage in. 
Even in love many remain absent and am not surprised that modern world has insanely huge divorce cases despite the exuberant wealth and opportunities for happiness available us during this day and age. In work, also, people remain absent and only their bodies remain present. Hence due to this absenteeism it has become so rare to find a genuinely fulfilled soul.

I will provide a short Zen story to further illustrate this great humor of the human condition. It is a story about an Enlightened woman and her “friend” who is a very determined seeker. Lets called them Delilah and Anna, respectively.

 A seeker named Anna asked Delilah, “How does an enlightened one return to the ordinary world?”

Delilah replied, “A broken mirror does not reflect again; fallen flowers do not go back to the old branches; fallen fruits do not reattach to the trees”.

25 thoughts on “The Zen of Transcending Duality

  1. That is the first step of ten in the transcendence of duality. Its not a motivation speech that I see the likes of Joel Osteen others give to people. The question of accepting or rejecting things as they are does not arise in the first place…. Its about going beyond the fetters of the carnal mind….a place where choosing how to feel about things ceases to occur.

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  2. I think the problem is that we’ve become more attuned with instant gratification than with gratifying the soul. The former requires no time while the latter requires a lifetime (and if one is to believe the soul travels through many vessels on its way to enlightenment) then many lifetimes for some. You are correct when you say we need to live in the present and to be present here. I love the story you shared and believe many can take much from it.

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  3. Exactly. In other words true enlightenment is an irreversible process where duality ceases to exist – one becomes integrated with all phenomena in a way that all action, thought and mind work together in unison for a greater purpose that brings about completeness and genuine fulfillment.


  4. Thanks so much for your embracement of the message underlying the story. Instant gratification is the true enemy of mankind for, the opposite is the language that the soul understands and which leads to its ultimate liberation. Many would miss this out because they search with the mind.

    Its like the deer that runs around the forest looking for what’s smelling yet its snout is the source of the smell it perceives and desires to discover its Source.

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  5. You are most welcome. I attempt to always let my soul lead me to things that will nourish my being while I let my nose lead me to things that feed the belly.

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  6. That is the essence of Enlightenment. The secret that many lack to know is that Heaven is to be discovered through sincere integration of these wisdom in the most ordinary doings in your daily life.

    Keep it up. You are on the right, noble and perfect Path.


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