​The Perfect Guru

In thoughts of you, my unsurpassable friend and Guru,

My suffering is relieved,

I, the seeker of the unexcelled Truth, now sing you a fervent song.
Being separated by thousands of miles of distance,

I would be joyful and happy to see you,

Though limited in reverence, I wish to see you,

Though limited in Faith, I wish to join you,

The more I meditate and contemplate, the more I long for my Guru.
How happy I would be to imbibe your Teaching on the essence of Awakening the genius within,

Though of simple mind, I wish to learn,

Though ignorant, I wish to attain understanding,

The more I contemplate, the more I think of you,

The more I meditate, the more I think of my Perfect Guru.
You may be Teaching the transcendental insight of phenomena,

If I could imbibe the teaching, I would be joyful and happy,

Though lacking merit, I wish to be initiated,

Though too poor to offer much, I honestly desire It,

Though poor my perseverance, I wish to practice the Unsurpassed Way,

Though short my diligence, I have an inflexible need for learning,

The more I contemplate, the more I think of you.
There are other students more advanced in the Path to the Ultimate,

And, though inferior my Experience and Realization,

I wish to compare my understanding with theirs,

Though in my deepest Faith and Veneration I have never been apart from you,

I am now tortured by my need to see you,

This fervent longing agonizes me,

This great torment suffocates me,

Pray, my gracious Guru, relieve me from this torment.

19 thoughts on “​The Perfect Guru

  1. I have read this post many times. Many meanings surface as I study the context. This post seems as if it is from a self that may yet be fully emerged. As a comment stated above, this post is different from the others you have made. Something in you is Peaking through a hole in the curtain but curious and willing to be revealed. Like an actor anticipating their moment to walk the stage.

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  2. Meditation because a struggle when it is misperceived. True meditation is not practiced, neither is it an effort that can produce struggle since its very aim is to end all struggle, because struggle is a function of the mind which is what is supposed to be put at rest.

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