The Concept of a True Seeker

Once in a while there appears men and women in different parts of the world who discover and propound the Highest Truth. However, a message however true it may be, does not come packaged in a way that every Tom, Dick and Harry can effortlessly understand. Truth is usually only meant for the courageous – those able to see beyond the their own minds and clinging.

In all cases in all parts of the world where the wisest and supremely Awakened beings appear and Teach, the Teachings on Truth are sometimes difficult to believe or accept because one has to shed all their previous societal conditionings in order to conform to the experience of Enlightenment.

This is because Enlightenment cannot be attained merely by mental judgments and decision. It is something more – something that has to be sincerely integrated into one’s life, even in the most mundane affairs as that of bearing negative thoughts about someone. It is an awareness that keeps vigil of all arising and non-arising thoughts.

Thus said,

The True Seeker knows how to differentiate between different teachings of Enlightenment and they accord with the Thatness of a purified mind which manifests in bearing universal sympathy and compassion for other beings.

The True Seeker is without Self or Ego and are able to assist other beings take their seat in the place of true enlightenment.

The True Seeker is able to accommodate the wisdom and philosophies of all Sages and Masters since all paths leads to the one abode of Supreme Awakening. This way they are able to identify the stuff of true enlightenment in those paths, a characteristic with which they forge ahead to explain the paths followed by different Masters, and also expounds on impermanence of things and suffering and how the transcendence of these is the root of all Great Realizations.

He rejects the suffering caused by ignorance and reveals the Joy of Enlightenment.

The True Seeker is he who hearkens to great Truths, and devoutly understands, accepts and maintains, and reads and remembers them. He is afterwards able to explain them using skillful means and with derivative understanding, for the benefit of other beings.

The True Seeker relies on meanings and not mere words. He relies on true wisdom and not mere knowledge. He/she relies on Teachings of comprehensive meaning and not philosophies that are incomplete in meaning and elucidation.

He/she knows to rely on the Supreme Truth and not in persons. Such a one lives in accord to the ways of wakefulness. In him/her ignorance is completely extinguished and attains the inconceivable state of Awareness.

Thus, to abide in Enlightenment excels all other endeavors – it is supremely incomparable.



8 thoughts on “The Concept of a True Seeker

  1. Enlightenment is…food for thought. FOOD. Not a meal. Not a feast. A morsel which nurtures the smallest of thoughts with the colostrum of the universe (something which if missed cannot be made up, something if received, cannot be denied.) Philosophy is just a taste of the flavors hidden in jars!

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  2. Good. This is one of those comments from you that I will keep safely as vintage then I will reread after many years.

    Philosophy is just a taste of the real stuff, not the actual meal as many are inclined to believe.

    Thanks for your wisdom.

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