Romanticism: Ignition of the passion of love

The Approach of the Bold

How goes the heavenly expedition of igniting the passion of love?

If she’s out, reclining in her balcony,
Make your approach discreet,
And—just to fox the sharp ears of those around you —
Cleverly riddle each phrase with ambiguous subtleties.
If she’s taking a leisurely stroll down the street,
Then you stroll there too —
Vary your pace to hers, march ahead, drop behind her,
Lazily and industriously walking by turns.
Be bold,
Dodge in round the columns of people or objects between you,
Brush your person lightly in passing, lingeringly past hers.

You must never fail to attend the movies when she does,
Gaze at her beauty— from the shoulders up
She’s time’s most delicately spent, a feast for adoring glances,
The eloquence of eyebrows speaks volumes.
Applaud when some male actor in the film struts on as the heroine,
Cheer for each lover’s role in the film show.
When she leaves, leave too—but sit there as long as she does:
Waste time at her whim. . . .
That way you subtly get her accustomed to you;
Because in love matters habit’s the key,
Therefore the determined lover should spare no pains till that’s achieved.

Let her always see you around, always hear you talking,
Show her your face night and day.
When you’re confident you’ll be missed, when your absence
Seems sure to cause her regret,
Then give her some respite: a field improves when left uncultivated for some time,
While parched soil soaks up the rain.

On the same note, short partings do best, though:
Time wears out affections,
Yet it is worthwhile to internalize this:
The absent love fades, and, eventually, and naturally, new one takes its place.

14 thoughts on “Romanticism: Ignition of the passion of love

  1. Merci beaucoup pour votre approbation en reconnaissant la beauté de mes œuvres ici. J’aime vraiment le français et espère que je peux l’apprendre bien un jour. Il y a beaucoup de philosophies de travail françaises que j’ai envie de lire et de comprendre et qui n’ont pas encore été traduites en anglais. J’attends votre interaction avec impatience. Tu es la plus belle âme, brillante de bonté aimante que tu exhibes.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Génial. Je vais sûrement méditer là-dessus parce que j’espère que mes travaux pourront un jour pénétrer le manteau français puisque j’en ai un très essentiel qui intéresserait n’importe quel esprit intelligent.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Woah. Thanks. This is a subject of interest for me since I realize that lack of spiritual awareness has made mankind to forget how to truly love and enjoy the journey at the same time – concomitantly.


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