To seek Nirvana is to lose Nirvana

An apologia pro vita sua of a Buddha

Through history – past, present and future –

there are good fellows who apply their effort

inwardly only,

imagining to be seeking in themselves

the ultimate Nirvana for getting out of delusion and world.

They unknowingly deceive themselves.

To seek Nirvana is to lose Nirvana.

To seek the Way is to lose the Way.

Even a Buddha attains Buddhahood because

he is not interested in becoming one.

True Nirvana is beyond all else.


It matters not whether one is well versed

in the scriptures and precepts;

It matters not whether one is

a high-ranking professional;

It matters not whether one’s eloquence

like a mountain torrent.

It matters not whether one is sagacious and well-informed.

It only matters if one has

true and genuine insight.

In years past, when I could not yet see clearly,

all the world seemed dark to me.

I could not differentiate light and shade,

neither could I go beyond the two polarities.

I ran around with an excruciating fever in my belly

and with my heart in a flurry,

asking about the Way to unsurpassable Nirvana.

Later I gained strength,

and now am Here Now,

preaching deliverance to you,

beloved reader.

Life in the world passes quickly,

and it’s extremely difficult to meet good Teachers;

the fig tree plant only flowers once in 2,500 years.

When some good people hear of a Buddha,

they go asking difficult questions,

trying to shut him up.

Yet, if he was offer them the actualization

of the entire Realization and subsequent corpus,

they would stare dumbfounded,

unable to utter a word.

The inherent principle of Nirvana

cannot be enhanced or realized

by mere theorizing or controversy.

When there is no cloud across the sky,

and the sun shines forth without obstruction,

the serene heavens are radiant with light.

Without a blind spot in one’s Sight,

there are no clouds to obstruct the empty sky – Nirvana.

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