When Truth shines solitary and bright

As Zen sees it, life and non-life are under

a certain order,

In interactions the student is wont to consider

the smallest details.

When host and guest appear,

there is an exchange of discourse.

The wise that are desirous to conform with the Way

keep themselves from all doubting.

If expanded, the splendor of Truth fills the entire cosmos;

If contracted, not even a single hair

has room to stand upon it.

Truth shines, solitary and bright,

and has never lacks anything.

The eye does not see It,

the ear does not hear it.

How to call this ‘Thing’?

An old Master once said:

“To say It is like a thing is to miss the point.”

Hence, one should look into their own house.

What more could be there?

Discovered, one would never tire speaking of it.

28 thoughts on “When Truth shines solitary and bright

  1. Sorry, this is from the ‘about blog’ section but there is no section to comment there, so I had to come over here to do so. It says “If they acknowledged their presence then they would have to become the message.” : it just made me laugh…..so true.

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  2. Hahaha! Thanks! It is very true, come to think about it. It is funny that the ordinary mind is always far from grasping simple Truths.
    I wish there was a way I could add a comment section in the “about blog”.

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  3. That is one side of the coin. The other is their intricate selfishness. Why? Because to see the True and Real is to become attuned to Oneness where altruism only reigns supremely. The third side of the coin is purely Karmic, where some people are won’t to undergo endless suffering in their own hells before they can encounter the sweet dews of Truth – that which genuinely quenches all thirst.

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  4. I agree. Ironically, these are the people who tend to point at those who walk towards union with the Divine, Truth, One as selfish. But what is to be done except to accept, smile and move on. About 98% of men are selfish but some how they always tend think its the 2 or 1% that are selfish — what an irony.

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  5. That is good doubting which leads to elevation to higher spiritual experience. The bad type of doubt is what I was referring to here, for example those who slander the teachings of Truth and those who bear contempt against the genuine Buddhas. Such doubtful doubts create mental barriers that have to be transcended first before one can begin to realize the perspectives of the masters or teachers of Thatness.

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  6. Its a colossal irony that brings excruciating pain to the mind of the Awakened. Thats why men and women of great virtue devise methods to awaken the sleeping “giants”. I was meditating something that might interest you today as I was taking my walks, that the population has increased so much in the world but surprisingly the numbers of truly wise men has significantly reduced. Is human ignorance infinite, as Albert Einstein once pointed out? Maybe we need to repackage the most necessary truths so that they can be more appealing to the ” unaware “.
    Thanks for your comment. It was replete in goodness and insight.

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  7. Sometimes I wonder how I get to see so much. The thing is, when you talk, the mind conjures up so many meanings. So I’d figured its just better to BE rather than speak the Truth. The Truth can defend itself.

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  8. Exactly!!! You are very enlightened! The last two sentences speak volumes about your own Realization of Truth.

    How do I recognize the merits in you? Because Truth has no form. Any attempt to adorn it with whatever form lead to failure. Only conditions and requisites are enhanced, cultivated, so that It can reveal itself. This is the last Step that even the most intelligent men are unable to grasp. Yet you have mastered this Step so perfectly.


  9. Nothing. But am just a natural human being. Existence in reality is a natural thing the only difference between me and some other person is merely the mind. Most humans live in the mind rather than reality. Anytime I enter the mind my anxiety returns. So, I guess for me, I have to stay grounded.

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