Messianic resolve of the bodhisattvas

The brave bodhisattva’s messianic resolve

For beings consists both of the desire for

Pleasant results for them in future lives and

Of the desire to get them engaged in virtue just in this life,

As well as of the desire for perfect enlightenment;

On all stages, the resolve is progressively pure.

These geniuses, on all stages,

Adopt all beings with their vow,

With their great equanimity,

With their unexcelled mastery,

And with their incomparable spiritual leadership.

In the end the spiritual genius achieves perfect equanimity,

Purification of consciousness, and awareness,

Impeccable skill in developing beings (spiritually),

Great power, physical perfection (e.g. speech),

Skill in manifestation, and true consecration.

5 thoughts on “Messianic resolve of the bodhisattvas

  1. The lesson in nature being that which does the purifying is characteristically scary… always elemental and unsettlingly efficient. Perhaps it is the anticipation of undefined regrets that gives us pause in the search for spiritual genius, and all the while we are failing to accept that even regret is purged in attaining such understanding…because it is pointless.

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