On “Self-Reliance”

Ralph Waldo Emerson's work elucidated:             Mankind has the intrinsic freedom to act as we please regardless of the structures set forth by the society to limit and define his motives and drives of his actions and thoughts. Therefore, man has the audacity of making definitive actions in accordance to his inclinations and needs, not … Continue reading On “Self-Reliance”

The Gilded Age: John D. Rockefeller’s Role within the Oil Industry

The Gilded Age saw the rise of productive giants who amassed immense wealth. These mislabeled “robber barons” became incredibly rich not through robbing anyone. They became wealthy by offering products and services of high quality at attractively low prices. Thusly, a big proportion of American consumers preferred to transact with them. During this period of … Continue reading The Gilded Age: John D. Rockefeller’s Role within the Oil Industry

On Freedom and Democracy

              Democracy is the most important progression in the modern world. Advancement in democracy in the world results from social pressures that are exerted the existing governance mechanisms where political ideas morph into intelligible and practical democracy models that would otherwise “blind and undirected” if they should they fail to be implemented (Christiano 77). … Continue reading On Freedom and Democracy

Knowledge cannot be inherited or bequeathed

Upward Mobility in a Career The knowledge society is  the first human society where upward  mobility  is  potentially unlimited.  Knowledge differs from all other means of  production  in  that it cannot  be inherited  or  bequeathed.  It  has  to  be acquired anew  by  every  individual, and everyone starts out with the same total ignorance.  Knowledge has … Continue reading Knowledge cannot be inherited or bequeathed