​Of executive women in leadership

Why Women Leaders Can and Should Be Authentic Simply being authentic doesn’t create leadership greatness. The foundation of leadership and business success is built on the usual combination of vision, intellect, guts, performance, hard work, and influence.  However, for women, authenticity is the catalyst that leverages all of the positive leadership attributes and brings them … Continue reading ​Of executive women in leadership

​Focus on top talent for maximum staff development ROI

It is common for leaders to spend most of their feedback time on under performers while neglecting their top performers. This is a huge disservice to talented employees and sends the wrong message. When this occurs, top performers ask themselves “why should I continue to outperform when I’m not valued by my manager?” Not only … Continue reading ​Focus on top talent for maximum staff development ROI

​Temporal lack of the destiny for ultimate liberation

Temporarily lacking the gene, some seekers are exclusively given over to misconduct; some have destroyed their good qualities; some lack the virtues conducive to liberation; some have slight virtues. And there are others who forever lack the cause. Here the term "lacking" in the spiritual gene designates those who lack the destiny for ultimate liberation. … Continue reading ​Temporal lack of the destiny for ultimate liberation