​The opportune moment—Part II

Dogen said, The Buddhas say, if you want to understand the true meaning of the Buddha-nature, you should correctly understand its momentary manifestations. When the right time comes, the buddha-nature will manifest itself. Dogen continued: Many seekers, both past and present, have believed that the phrase, ”when the right time comes,” means to wait for … Continue reading ​The opportune moment—Part II

​Characteristics of creative people

Creative people are especially observant, and they value accu-rate observation (telling themselves the truth) more than other people do.  They often express part-truths, but this they do vividly; the part they express is the generally unrecognized; by displacement of ac-cent and apparent disproportion in statement they seek to point to the usually unobserved.  They see … Continue reading ​Characteristics of creative people